Black Crusade

Tactical Assessment

Prepared by Captain Corvus, Word Bearers Legion, Prophets of the Blighted Path Chapter, Cohort CLXVII

Friendly Forces:
200 Guardsmen
60 Cannibal Cultists
10 Legionnaires

Reinforcements are expected, but cannot be relied upon.

Tactical Position:
Walled Palace with force field generator.
Two possible approaches across atmospheric bridges.

Enemy Forces:
Unknown, estimated at ~1000 undisciplined pirates and looters

Tactical position:
Sweeping through fief, likely to conduct looting.
Approaching palace from both atmospheric bridges.

Enemy seems likely to push forward in an attempt to gain foothold from both approaches. At that point they could push together in a pincer move to punch through defenders and form up to capture the palace.


Holding action: Attempt to hold both bridgeheads and do not give ground unless the enemy breaks through. Advantage: If successful, this will blunt the enemy attack and likely force them to withdraw. Disadvantage: Divides forces. If unsuccessful, all friendlies will be significantly reduced and forced to fall back and allow the enemy to regroup.

Fighting Retreat: Deployment same as holding action, with no intention of halting the enemy, but rather to inflict attrition while they’re exposed on the atmospheric bridge and then make an organized fall back to the palace and force the enemy to engage in a siege. Advantage: more likely to succeed than a pure holding action. Disadvantage: Forces friendlies into being besieged, and gives ground to the enemy.

Pincer Ambush: conceal troops opposite the palace gates. Allow enemy to approach, with or without a Fighting Retreat. When the enemy are reforming/regrouping, concealed troops attack from rear while other friendlies charge from the gates. Advantage: Historically a highly successful maneuver which frequently breaks enemy morale. Disadvantage: Timing is of the essence. If either force attacks too soon or too late, the other will likely be decimated and the advantage lost. Surprise is necessary: if the enemy detects the concealed forces, the trap will fail and concealed forces will likely be lost.

Surgical Strike: Main force remains in palace or in fighting retreat stance. Commando force formed and equipped with heavy weaponry. Commando force makes a rapid, unexpected attack upon one spur of the enemy’s forces, deals as much damage as possible, targeting leadership as a priority, then falls back. Advantage: If successful, this may cause the undisciplined enemy forces in the spur to break and run, allowing us to bring all our forces to bear on the second spur. Disadvantage: if this fails, we will have lost heavy infantry forces and be on vulnerable footing and will likely be forced to fall back.


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