Black Crusade

Tor And the Gutter King

The Torestus, Chapter LVIX, page XCVI

Tor and Companions
Hath Stole the realm
of the Gutter King
But little did they know
The Gutter King hid
in Shadows, unseen
Until he could take
Tor captive, unawares
He place shackles
On Tor’s flesh
But let him move free
“Thou art now mine, usurper”
The Gutter King spake
“I will resisteth you”
Tor retorted defiantly
“I knoweth it, but it is useless”
The Gutter King returned
The battle waged on
Tor testing the length
of his Chains and Binds
And the Gutter King
Mused at his efforts
Soon, Tor learned
of a weakness
A way the Gutter King
could be defeated
But woe did the Gutter King
Know Tor’s plan
and laughed…



DanteInferno DanteInferno

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