Corbin Worldsbane

Thousand Sons Veteran of the Long War


Corbin Worldsbane has lived a long time. A veteran of the Horus Heresy, he has seen the Emperor cast him and his legion out, wage war upon them, and his battle-brothers forced to turn to Chaos to survive. All for naught, as most of them either died in battle or were forced into a fate worse than death due to the Rubric of Ahiriman.

As a result, his hatred of the Imperium knows few bounds.

He dreamed of a way to get his vengeance on the Imperium and rule over at least some small portion of it. After long searching, he believes he has found a way, but unfortunately the search itself has taken it’s toll.

Worldsbane knows he is dying, in part due to the extensive mutations and warp corruption running through his veins. He feels the weight of the millennia, the loss of his brothers, and the trail of blood behind him all too acutely. He’s decided that even if he could enact his plan, he’d never survive long enough to enjoy it’s fruition. He has no intention of going out as a Chaos Spawn, and instead plans to find some desperate, foolish, but glorious cause to die in… if he can manage to tear himself away from Kurse’s Dream-Dens that allow him to relive his past glories.

For now, he spends his days gambling away what wealth he has acquired over the centuries in various gambling dens in the shattered moon above Kurse, waiting to find champions of Chaos powerful enough to see his vision through and attain for him the vengeance he always sought. Once that is done, he is prepared to meet his fate.

Corbin Worldsbane

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