Novo, the Warpwalker

Heretic Psyker, Patron of Tzeentch


Archetype: Human Psyker (+5 WP)

Current (starting roll)

  • WS 44 (39) [1 adv]
  • BS 34 (34)
  • S 34 (34)
  • T 38 (38)
  • Ag 38 (38)
  • Int 36 (36)
  • Per 43 (37) [1 adv]
  • WP 60 (40) [1 adv]
  • Fel 27 (32)
  • Inf 41 (36)

Wounds: 10

Corruption Points: 33 (4)
Infamy Points: 4 (2)

Alignment: Tzeentch
Note: Starting advances marked with N/A as they are not counted for alignment.

  • Khorne: 1
  • Nurgle: 0
  • Slaanesh: 0
  • Tzeentch: 14

Warp Touched (obsessive cleanliness)
Slayer Limb (Neural Whip)
Extra Arm (ends in claw)


  • Athletics [S] (Khorne)
  • Awareness [Per] (N/A)
  • Common Lore: Screaming Vortex [Int] (unaligned)
  • Common Lore: Adeptus Astra Telepathica [Int] (unaligned)
  • Dodge [Ag] (N/A)
  • Forbidden Lore: Pirates [Int] (Tzeentch)
  • Forbidden Lore: Psykers [Int] (N/A)
  • Forbidden Lore: Warp [Int] (Tzeentch)
  • Intimidate [WP] (N/A)
  • Linguistics:Low Goth [Int] (unaligned)
  • Logic [Int] (Tzeentch)
  • Psyniscience (trained +10) [Per] (N/A, Tzeentch)
  • Scrutiny [Int] (Tzeentch)
  • Trade: Cyptographer [Int] (N/A)

Tier 1

  • Heightened Senses: Sight (Tzeentch)
    [+10 to sight based tests (e.g. Awareness tests)]
  • Jaded (N/A)
    [Dead bodies,xenos creatures, and other terrifying but natural occurrences do not elicit * * Fear Tests. Terrors of the Warp still affect the character normally.]
  • Sacrifice (unaligned)
  • Warp Sense (Tzeentch)
    [The character’s senses have evolved to perceive the Warp in parallel with the physical world. After gaining this talent, using the Psyniscience Skill requires a Free Action instead of a Half Action. In addition, the character can passively detect psychic effects and entities without the need to actively seek them out. Whenever the character could detect such warp signature or creature the GM may allow him to make a Psyniscience Skill Test to detect it, in the same way he might use Awareness to spot an ambush without knowing it is there.]
  • Weapon Training: Primary (N/A)
  • Weapon Training: Shock (N/A)

Tier 2

  • Child of the Warp (N/A)
    [As a result of prolonged exposure to the warp and excessive use of psychic powers the character has become saturated with warp energy. This grants greater connection to the warp and increases the character’s Psy Rating by +1 when he chooses to Push. The downside, however, is that the warp is always partially manifest in his presence and he generates constant psychic phenomena. At the start of each game session the character should roll 1d10 on Table 4-4: Child of the Warp to determine the nature of these persistent effects which follow him for the duration of the session.]
    *Strong Minded (Tzeentch)
    *Warp Conduit (Tzeentch) : Spend Inf pt to increase Psy power

Tier 3

  • Favoured by the Warp (Tzeentch)
    [Available re-roll on Psychic Phenomenon chart]


  • Quick and the Dead
    [To survive in the Vortex, particularly as a human, one must be quick, both in wits and action. Sometimes fast refl exes can compensate for ceramite armour. All Heretics with this Trait add a +2 bonus to Initiative Rolls.]
    *Demon touched
    [This name is not from the book. This effect was due to having been nearly demonically possessed by a greater demon]. All Psychic Phenomenon and Perils of the Warp rolls get a +10.

Psychic Powers: Psy Rating 5, strength unbound

  • Doombolt : Corrosive bolt of dark energy
  • Glimpse : Skill boost through premonition.
  • Mind Over Matter : Imbue an object with motion/inertia: constant motion, rapid push or * forceful throw.
  • Personal Augury
  • Preternatural Awareness : Give Unnatural Perception trait (Per bonus gets + Psy rating) and Init bonus (degress success on Focus Power Test).
  • Precognition : Enhanced evasion.
  • Precognitive Strike : WS/BS bonus
  • Precognitive Dodge : Evasion through premonition
  • Psyphon (Tzeentch): Drain target with WP damage.
  • Telekinetic Shield : Force sheild.


  • Common Craftsmanship Stub Revolver
  • Common Craftsmanship Neural Whip
  • Flak Cloak
  • Psy-focus
  • Dataslate filled with arcane lore
  • Grapnel & Line
  • Good Psychic Hood
  • Good Rendering Apothecarium

Physical appearance
Novo has a slender but muscular build, standing at average height. His head is close shaven and his cheeks cave inward, accentuating a long, slender, and pointed nose.

The warp that flows through him has aged his appearance beyond his true years, a count which has been lost since he started his pilgrimage for the knowledge his brethren feared foolishly.

When fully clad in his armor, his appearance is unmistakably raven-like. Hues of deep blues are lined in black. The exaggerated widow’s peak of his hood follows the full length of his nose, casting the remainder of his face in void shadow until his eyes are lit by the power of tormented souls in the warp. A mantle of feathers rests on his shoulders and from beneath them, a cloak flows down over his narrow frame.

In his left hand, he grips the door piston of a forgotten space hulk which forms the handle of a rod. The rod flows seamlessly into a zenos claw, the man-made alloys melded with flesh by the warp. The claw remains open and without movement, unlike the eye embedded in its palm. The eye peers out, darting to the edges of its socket, feasting on local environment, providing sight for an unknown entity.

A tentacle extends from from his right shoulder. The muscle and sinew of Novo’s upper arm entwine with metallic tendrils that extend to the ends of this serpentine limb, each crackling with the dread power of the warp. The thick thongs of the tendrils fade from metallic silver to glossy black at its taloned tips.

A burn scar curls up his right thigh, seared by the raw power of the warp.

Despite his physical departure from humanity, his appearance is unusually kempt.

Novo’s birthname only continues to exist in the Imperium archives. He is only known by his current name and title, self-appointed to mark his allegiance to the Ruinous Powers.

Novo spent most of his years in training by the Adeptus Astra Telepathica to hone his innate psionic abilities. Through rigorous mental training, he gained a heightened command over his senses. Having been accustomed to his synesthesia, his unique view of the world now included recognition of the layer consisting of the fabric of souls that is the warp. With focus, his vision extends out into the multitude of potential paths that lie before him.

This vision granted him the knowledge to manipulate the Soul-Binding ritual. Barely surviving this altered process, Novo was left with an enhanced natural visual sensitivity and a lack of the standard safeguards the ritual provides as well as the ability to harness the warp for telepathy, making him ineligible as an Astropath.

Novo’s heightened divination skills and predisposition for pattern matching, enhanced by his synesthesia, set him on a path to operate for the Imperium as a codebreaker.

Novo continued to obsess over the power held within the warp and delved deep into forbidden tomes to uncover knowledge the Adeptus Astra Telepathica would otherwise have kept from him. Eager to improve his abilities and aware that his personal activities would not go unnoticed for long, Novo went rogue, officially turning his bad on the Imperium and pledging himself fully to Tzeentch.

He successfully eluded the Inquisition for years to come but eventually came to a crossroads where the only paths that stretched out before him ended in death or capture. his choice has left him imprisoned on a Black Ship. There he tries to forge a new path that will lead him off the ship.

Novo’s escape from the Black Ship is about to unfold.
[Escapee of the Black Ships:
The rogue psyker may be a former citizen of the Calixis Sector (or an Imperial world in the Jericho Reach) who manifested psychic powers. Doomed to be captured by the Imperium’s security forces and placed on a Black Ship to be transported to Terra, he managed to escape. Such individuals are hunted by the Imperium and fear and hate it with equal measure. They are also the most familiar with Imperial society—and likely view their powers as a mutation.]

Acts of Infamy

  • Passed the tests of Pseudanor, Pirate Prince of the Ragged Helix.
  • Faced a Bloodletter of Korne, sent by Korne to slay Novo for his hubris.
  • Resisted possession by a greater demon of the Warp.
  • Rode a void ship into the warp where its Gellar Field was dropped for a heartbeat. This allowed the warp to flood into the ship, merging the flesh and bone of its inhabitants with its structure.

Pride: Foresight
[The character believes that he is aware of the actions and schemes of everyone and everything around him. He constantly observes those around him, believing that the knowledge will allow him to control them. This does make the character rather cold around others. +5 Per, -5 Fel]

Disgrace: Deceit
[As all of reality is little more than a matter of perception, truth is a relative concept. This Heretic exploits that philosophy to the utmost. Much of what he says is compulsively cloaked in falsehood. Even in the most strict of circumstances, he feels tempted to colour the truth. +2 Inf, -4 Per]

Motivation: Ascendancy
[Mortal power is fleeting and life is short. The Heretic wishes to overcome both of these limitations by assuming a permanent level of at least daemonic power, but preferably a transformation to the divine and unholy. -2 Wounds, +5 WP]

Personal goal
In an effort to increase his power to catch the attention of Tzeentch, Novo seeks out a rod of great power. He has had a vision of his psy-focus melded with this rod, channeling the warp in an excessive show of force.

Novo believes the rod to be the Rod of Tigurius, owned by Varro Tigurius, Chief Librarian of the ultramarines chapter. Tigurius is well known for his precognitive abilities and Novo is certain the Rod of Tigurius keeps Varro attuned to these premonitions.

Novo does not yet know where the Rod resides or if Varro still wields it.

Novo, the Warpwalker

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