Renkard Copax

The Mendacious Oracle

I am Renkard Copax, the Mendacious Oracle of the Temple of Lies. My forebears and I have, for many generations, foretold the destinies of a great many fortunate – and a few unfortunate – souls. It is our responsibility to receive visions from the Dark Gods and dispense them to those worthy of the knowledge the Gods have chosen to impart.

Midnight blue and deep yellow robes kept fastidiously clean adorn the Mendacious Oracle’s otherwise poorly-maintained, aged, and skeletal frame. He keeps what is left of his thin grey hair long and allows it to drop over either side of his face. Occasionally, he gathers a few strands with a narrow finger to remove them from where they settle in front of his inquisitive, augmetic eye—he has only one, the other lost in a conflict some long time ago. His tongue, lips, and forefingers are discoloured from the hours spent daily turning the pages of illuminated texts. Occulted from view by his robes are strange protrusions and malformations of the torso, remnants and scars of his experimentation with the sorceries of Tzeentch. In homage to the God of Change, Copax has defiled his own form in an attempt to ascend it toward an ideal of chaotic structure and continual mutation.

His importance in the Screaming Vortex extends well beyond Kymerus and the more religiously-minded devotees of Chaos. The various powers that struggle in ceaseless wars for control benefit from good relations with the Mendacious Oracle and, thus, an alliance made with him can shift the tides of these conflicts or put an end to one altogether. When interacting with others, his expression suggests that his mind is off elsewhere and he even mumbles to himself while others are speaking and interrupts them to interject with his own thoughts. Still, his memory is eidetic—he can repeat verbatim exactly what he hears and analyse it with keen insight into human character. He prefers listening to speech, however, and rarely displays this interesting capacity. Due in equal parts to his psychic ability, hermeneutic talents, and social awareness, lies rarely get the better of the Mendacious Oracle and regardless of how a statement is framed he deftly hears it for what it is.

Renkard Copax

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