Varro Tigurius


Varro Tigurius is the Chief Librarian of the Ultramarines Chapter of the Space Marines. As a psyker, Tigurius has always stood apart from his Battle-Brothers.

Even to the company Captains of the Ultramarines he is a figure of mystery, possessed of a knowledge that goes beyond the towering datastacks and myriad scrolls of the Chapter’s Arcanum. Little is hidden from the Chief Librarian’s sight, and many of the Astartes amongst the Ultramarines believe him to be guided by the Emperor’s own hand.

Tigurius is unique among Librarians, for he has displayed the precognitive capability to foresee events, even on the tactical level, before they have come to pass, revelations of the future that usually come to him in the form of waking dreams and powerful premonitions.

Tigurius makes use of the best wargear the Ultramarines Chapter has to offer, making him an even more potent foe for the enemies of Mankind than most Astartes Librarians. His wargear includes:

Hood of Hellfire – A specially modified Psychic Hood that not only provides protection against the psychic assault of other Psykers, but allows Tigurius to conserve his body’s energy, enabling him to make use of his powerful offensive psychic abilities more often than is normal for even the most powerful psykers.

Rod of Tigurius – Tigurius wields the Rod of Tigurius, an extremely potent master-crafted Force Weapon that draws the psychic energy out of Tigurius and focuses it into a tight beam of unstoppable energy that blast his foes’ souls from their bodies.


Varro Tigurius

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