Zagira Borgia

War Master Seductive Cannibal Sadist Hermaphrodite


SHIP: The Velvet Glove, The Rite of Passage


Pride: Charm
Disgrace: Greed (-10 to Commerce rolls)
Motivation: Nihilism

Alignment: Slaanesh (S: 11, T: 3, N: 1, K: 0, U: 1)
Gifts of the Gods:
Soporific Musk: +10 Chaos +10 Intimidate Other
Hermaphrodite: Object of Attraction to All – Double degrees of success to all fellowship rolls
Addiction: Sadism. If unable to perform a sadistic act, is -10 to all rolls until able to do so.
Nerveless Enui: Ignore Fatigue 1 Dif. Harder Awareness on Touch Seduction/Torture Reroll

WS:40 (4) BS: 34 (3) ST:31 (3) TG: 27 (2) AG:37 (3) IN: 43 / +5 pact (4)
PR:36 / 46 involving senses (3/4) WP:33 (3) FS: 58 / +5 pact (6) INF: 48 (4)

>*BASIC*: Charm: 115/DD Success Deceive: 84 DD Success

Wounds: 11
Corruption: 44

Acrobatics +10
Awareness +10
Charm +30
Command +10
Common Lore: Imperium
Common Lore: Imperial Creed
Common Lore: The Ragged Helix
Commerce -10
Deceive +10
Dodge +10
Forbidden Lore: Pirates
Forbidden Lore: Horus Heresy & the Long War
Navigate (Stellar)
Operate Voidship (In. Point for +10 on Bridge)
Parry +10
Trade: Chymist

Air of Authority
Cold Hearted
Demagogue (Charm Large Groups)
Enemy: Imperial Navy
Enemy: Inquisition
Excessive Wealth (10)
Lesser Minion of Chaos/3 Minions of Chaos
Radiant Presence (
Quick Draw
Weapon: Las, Primary, SP, Shock
Nerves of Steel
Simple Fellowship +5
Simple Weapon Skill +5
Peer: Pirates of Ragged Helix +20
Addictrix: Reduce NPC to Minion
Wreathed in Chaos: Enemy -10 WP
Orthopoxy: +20 Mind Control/Intimidation
Iron Discipline: No Pin or Fear for Followers
Followers: Unholy Devotion
Resistance: Poison
Beloved Leader: 78 Loyalty


Maniacal Narcissist (Operate Voidship): Can spend an Infamy Point to gain +10. If this check fails, then -10WP until able to succeed.

Creature of Comfort: Gain +1 Degree of Success on Acquisition Tests for Good Quality or better items, but receive -10 on all tests for poor quality or less items. +10 to Operate Voidship checks when on the Bridge.
Addiction: If unable to perform Sadistic act, -10 to all rolls until able to do so.

Quick and the Dead: +2 to Initiative

Torture Kit
Good Craftsmanship Cartograph
1 dose Obscura
Good Quality Amasec
Xenos Hides (6 armor)
Best Craftsmanship Monoblade Sword w/ Ancient Papal Symbol Hilt
Best Craftsmanship Las Pistol

Best Crafted Monoblade, passed down from Cesare Borgia
Ancient Papal Rapier
DAM: 1d10 Rending (+ STR 3) PEN 2 – +10 WS / +10 PARRY

Best Crafter Laz Pistol
DAM: 10d10+2 Energy RANGE: 3 meters ROF: Single/2
CLIP: 60 RLD: Full RULES: No jam/overheat/reliable

Lesser Minion

“Messenger” (aka “Spy”)

Addictrix Minion: (WIP)

Beledran Rogue <3

XP Remaining: 50 XP Gained: ________________________


This report, now over two centuries old, lies buried beneath the files of time. Still, rumors of it’s contents linger into the present as a cautionary tale for the pious and a glorious tale of profane debauchery among the fallen. Only now, it is more than rumor from a dusty file and a by-gone age, as the subject of it’s contents has just awoken from her centuries’ long slumber…

The Holy Inquisition’s Findings and Summary Sentence on the Heretic Zagira Borgia

Heretic: The noble Zagira Borgia belongs notably to the millenenias-old House Borgia. Her illustrious and obscenely wealthy family has been one of the most one of the most powerful and well respected in the Solar Sector since the Dark Ages of man. House Borgia retains extravagant estates primarily on Holy Terra and Mars and many, such as the subject, have became successful Rogue Traders. Excess was always noted and expected. However, it was upon the disturbing testimony of an escaped member of her crew that we began our years’ long investigation. Given the prestige and command of the subject’s family, we thought it best to enter under diplomatic pretenses. What we found was the most vile and depraved heresies.

Findings: Zagira Borgia’s ship, the Damocles, appeared clean at first glance, and her crew had nothing but good to say of their Captain. Further, at first glance, all of her records were impeccable. It could be said everything was too perfect. It was upon closer examination of a loose panel that a heating conduit was revealed, with a severely burned and skinned crewman cuffed to it. Upon further examination, her ship seemed more a ship of horror and blasphemy, as bruised, beaten, and scarred crewmen led us to several such panels, and eventually a rotating floorboard at the foot of her bed exposing similar shackles, implements of torture – stained with human and xenos blood. The worst area of all, however, was the kitchen. There, we found what we’d come to learn was usual aboard the Damocles: the chef preparing an elaborate meal of various xenos organs and proscribed goods. Further, back in the freezers, there were stacks of human remains cut for future preparation.

Personality: Zagira Borgia is a classic narcissist. She demands the love and desire of everyone around her, however, she views others as objects to be used to her own ends. Further, she takes joy in intimidating and torturing innocents at the best possible opportunity. The Inquisition has gathered that, while her unclean lust for pain, both given and received, may motivate her, it is her desire for increasingly rare and exquisitely prepared foods which she will stop at nothing to acquire. We noted that, even as we walked her ship she remained a gracious host – calm and complimentary in an attempt to charm her way out of, or past, the situation. Failing escape, she remained defiant to the last, insisting neither we, nor the God Emperor himself, had the authority to touch her noble person.

Physical characteristics: Most notable is the unique, three-pronged mark under her left eye. Thusfar, we have not found it’s like elsewhere and have since deemed it a black mark. Less visible is a scar across the entirety of the subject’s back where it seems at once the flesh had been flayed. Usual accompanying wrist or ankle scars are not present, leading us to conclude she was a willing participant in the mutilation. No further scars or marks are noted.

Status: The heretic Zagira Borgia has been captured and confined in stasis for transport until receipt for execution.

Ruling: For acts of heresy great and terrible, all holdings of Zagira Borgia are henceforth declared forfeit to the God Emperor. The Trade Warrant in her name has been revoked by the High Lords of Terra and is being held as evidence by the Inquisition pending the subject’s trial and execution. Investigation into House Borgia’s possible collusion in this matter will commence upon conclusion.

(Moments from her life before awaking will be added soon.)

Zagira Borgia

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