Damon's Third Treatise On Matters Rare

Key to the text contained in Codex Obsequium


This tome contains information to complete the Dark Patronage ritual contained in Codex Obsequium.


Damon’s Third Treatise On Matters Rare currently rests in the Temple of Lies on Kymerus, in possession of the Mendacious Oracle, Renkard Copax.

Over ten thousand years ago, a man now only known as Damon wrote the theoretical treatise on psychic matters of his time, Damon’s Third Treatis on Matters Rare. Access to the remnants of the tome require a chaperone and a special invitation to one of the highest chambers of the Temple of Lies. Even then, some portions of it remain off limits to any other than the temple’s highest magisters, barred from even the most important of guests.

Damon's Third Treatise On Matters Rare

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