The following is a classified internal document and briefing about the fugitive known as Hastur. Security clearance EFD-23A is required for distribution. In an emergency, clearance is extended to HNP-83T.

Capture or Kill Directive W-LMJ23-P-ES17A

Name: Hadrian Halcyon (Suspected)

Known Aliases: Hastur

Known Associates: None

Crimes: Falling to Chaos, Being a Psyker, Murder of Planetary Defense Force Garrison Regional Officer, Murder of Planetary Defense Force Garrison Regional Support Staff, Wounding of Inquisitor Jervas, Murder of civilians, Theft of Planetary Defense Force Garrison property, Desecrating a Holy Temple, Intimidation of Witnesses, Impersonating a Judge, Attempted Conspiracy, Attempting to Foment Rebellion, Murder of 3 Arbites (Suspected), Murder of Banking Heir (Suspected), Assault of Governor’s Daughter (Suspected), Resisting Arrest

Physical Description: Just under 2m tall. 60kg (estimated). Bald. Handlebar Moustache. Beard is 3 long strands of hair. Color is Platinum Blonde. Eye color brown. Left eye has Chaos star carved into it. Lips are dried and cracked.

Additional Notes: Believed to have escaped from the Inquisition’s prison ships. Powerful Psyker. Considered to always be armed and extremely dangerous. Carries a small marble that changes colors, believed to be his Psychic Focus. Abrasive, Prideful Personality. Intelligent. Uses Psychic Power to do everything. Prone to throwing temper tantrums.

Conclusion: Extremely dangerous. Send Priority XJ65-KI7 Message to Inquisition on sight. Capture or Kill on sight.


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